The Hotel and the horses

Our hotel recognizes the profound importance of the horse and his love in Andalusia. That is why on this page we provide information necessary for your visit to Seville and vicinity can enjoy shows, tours and be aware of the most important regional events in the world of horses.

Horse shows

Fundación Real Escuela Andaluza de Arte Ecuestre (Jeréz)

jerezThe Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez de la Frontera, is known worldwide for its exhibit “How the Andalusian Horses Dance”, a unique show that showcases and summarizes so seemingly natural, all the work since its foundation develops this institution.

The exhibit “How the Andalusian Horses Dance” is an equestrian ballet music typically Spanish and costumes in the style of the eighteenth century, mounted on choreography taken from the reprisses of dressage and denim and other works of traditional horsemanship. In each representation is performed 6 to 8 choreography. They all maintain the same level and spectacle and are scheduled by the Institution under the following repertoire: Doma Vaquera, Dressage, hooks, papers in hand, carrusell (more info on the web).

Salón Internacional del caballo (15-20 noviembre)

sicabSince it all began in 1990, SICAB has become a single-theme Equestrian Trade Show, dedicated to a single breed and has converted into the most important in the world. Undoubtedly, it is the most important of all those held in Spain.

Over the years, SICAB has enjoyed impressive growth to reach statistics that are far from insignificant. These show the true development of the equestrian sector in Spain as a generator of economic wealth and employment.

Caballerizas reales de Córdoba

Caballerizas reales de córdobaThe Royal Stables in Cordoba were founded in the year 1570 by a royal decree of Felipe II, who was a great lover of horses. He launched this project to create the Andalusian Horse (Pure Spanish Thoroughbred), one of the greatest breeds of horse ever to exist, for his own use and for use all over the world. The horse was therefore bred to royal order, through the process of crossbreeding stallions and mares which took place here in Cordoba.

What was at first simply a royal wish ended up being one of the greatest and best-loved of Felipe IIs projects. The Spanish thoroughbred was a very popular riding horse and soon became a striking symbol of the Spanish empire.

A campo abierto

Screen-shot-2012-09-27-at-10.04.38-AMA campo abierto, enjoy a visit to Alvaro Domecq´s Los Alburejos estate in Medina Sidonia to see Torrestrella´s renowed Spanish fighting bulls and horses.

Discover the life of these wonderful animals in the freedom of the Andalusian countryside: The Fighting bulls, The stud bull with the cows and their calves., The bullocks (used for leading the bulls in open countryside, The mares with their foals, Riders and horses performing classical and andalusian dressage.

Equestrian Tours

Picadero La Suerte
(sierra de Aracena y picos de Aroche)


The Stables La Suerte began its activity in 1995 by the hand and Illuminated Tristancho July. This family farm is located on the western edge of the Sierra Morena, in the Natural Park Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

The facilities and services make it feasible Picadero Luck let your customers know this minuciosamente.ue saw on his visit to Seville and vicinity can enjoy shows, tours and be aware of the most important regional events in the world of horses.

Equus Vejer. Escuela de equitación.
Rutas a caballo


Walking The Palomar La Brena, Trafalgar Lookout Road, Route La Brena and Trafalgar Lighthouse, Classes Equitación.Todas our routes include a stop for rest and refreshments in a natural park setting and are guided by qualified teachers.
Our horses have different levels, allowing novice equitation riders and more experienced riders.

Román Romero.
Centro ecuestre y rutas a caballo


In San Lucar la Mayor (Sevilla) along the Green River corridor Guadiamar. Sale of mares, horses and ponies. Car rental and horse riding lessons.